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Access Tokens

Logflare uses access tokens for user API authentication. These access tokens must be provided with each API requests, with the exception of resources that have authentication disabled by the user

Managing Access Tokens

Access tokens can be created under the Manage Access Tokens page.

First, click on Create access token button.

Click on the Create access token button

Then, enter a description for the token for reference. Click on Create once you are done.

Enter a description

You will be shown the access token ony once. Do copy the token to a safe location.

Example token

To revoke access tokens, clikc on the Revoke button. This would immediately reject all incoming API requests.

Revoke token


There are 3 supported methods to attach an accees token with an API request:

  1. Using the Authorization header, with the format Authorization: Bearer your-access-token-here
  2. Using the X-API-KEY header, with the format X-API-KEY: your-access-token-here
  3. Using the api_key query parameter, wuth the format ?api_key=your-access-token-here

Client-side is Public

Access tokens are considered public for client-side usage. Public-only tokens will not be able to access the Logflare Management API, which provides capabilities to manage user resources on Logflare.

Please use a separate private access token for the Management API.


When rotating access tokens for client-side access tokens, we recommend creating another client-side token and performing a gradual shift to the new token before revoking the old token.

Revoking the old token while clients are still on it would result in API request errors on the client.