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By default, the Logflare service offers managed BigQuery as a backend automatically.

If your plan is BYOB, your provided BigQuery configurations will disable ingestion into Logflare's managed BigQuery.

Logflare's mutli-backend capabilities allows 3rd party services and other data storage engines to be used together for purposes such as data redundancy, integrations and more.


Multi-backend support is a private alpha feature. Contact us if you wish to preview these features.

When there are multiple attached backends, the Logflare service will always insert into the managed BigQuery (or a configured BYOB), as well as any other attached backends to that source.

As such, a backend can be attched to multiple sources, and the underlying data storage mechanisms will be automatically managed by Logflare. Details for each are further explained in the documentation for each backend.

A backend can be any one of the following types:

  • Ingest-only: The backend only ingests data, and cannot be queried through any supported query languages.
  • Query-only: The backend can only be queried. Data storage is handled externally, outside of Logflare.
  • Fully-featured: The backend can ingest data, and can be queried by supported query languages.