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Logflare has experimental support for storing and querying log events to a PostgreSQL server. Ingested logs are directly inserted into tables, and each source maps to a Postgres table within a given schema.


PostgreSQL as a backend is only available for the V2 ingestion and currently has limited functionality.

Behavior and Configuration

On source creation, relevant migrations to create the source's table will be performed on the database.

The table schema is as follows:

  • id: The log event UUID.
  • timestamp: Unix microsecond, stored as bigint
  • event_message: The provided or generated event message of the log event, stored as text
  • body: A the processed log event, stored as jsonb

Where possible, storage and querying behavior will follow the BigQuery behavior

User-Provided Configuration

The following values can be provided to the backend:

  • url (string, required): A PostgreSQL connection string, for connecting to the server.
  • schema (string, optional): The schema to scope all Logflare-related operations to.